Rollfast Mark II      
Toilet Tissue Dispenser 
 public washrooms/restrooms




  From Mark I to Mark II



Yes, Mark I did exist!
(Here is the proof)

To Whom It May Concern

I, Kevin Corby, whilst a partner of Fear Brothers Ltd of Hastings, New Zealand confirm that we made 26,000 Rollfast Toilet Roll Dispensers for J. Duncan McNeill over a period of six years in the late eighties and early nineties.


The drawing above is what Mark I looked like.

Mark I was made of sheet metal and powder coated and pioneered the key concepts of keyless loading, perfect access to the tissue with no slot and high mounting.  

  This is the formula that gives end user satisfaction. A happy user does not get angry with the dispenser and seek revenge. The result?
No vandal problems!

It had a proven track record as demonstrated at Brisbane's Wynnum Foreshore and everywhere else throughout Australasia where ever Rollfast Mark I was fitted including being the first dispenser ever to survive Sydneys' infamous young peoples' New Year’s eve party at Circular Quay.   

The Mark I version of Rollfast was manufactured in Hastings New Zealand in the late eighties and early nineties - so we are talking about 20 something years ago. Altogether 26,000 were made, 24,000 were sold in New Zealand and some 2,000 were sold in Australia and Papua New Guinea. All sales were through distributors over a period of only six years.


I sold to distributors for NZD
$50, so Rollfast Mark I sold
to the end user for NZD $75.00.


At that time you could buy
a three roll vertical in plastic (Durolla) for $25.00!  


Despite Rollfast being   three times the price, we
still sold 26,000 of them.


Why? Because we understood the market then and we still do today!



Rollfast Mark I had a keyless automatic lock which was primitive and slow compared to the smooth instant keyless roll entry you saw in the video of Mark II, but it was a startling advance at the time and the moment you mentioned “keyless” during a sales presentation, you had instant and total attention of the prospect! The same will still apply today as there are still no keyless dispensers out there that we can find except for a few that only hold one roll; useless in a busy toilet.

Production of Mark I stopped when the owner of the factory died, there was no-one to take over and there was no alternative manufacturing facility available to replace it. Long after production stopped, orders were still pouring in and we could have sold many more! But with no factory, the only way forward was to manufacture in plastic, but a totally new design was required.    

It has taken many years of thought and planning to bring you this new  improved version now known as Mark II.

It is specifically designed for manufacture in poly- carbonate which is indestructible, fire proof and also easy and cost-effective to mass produce.

The main improvements in Mark II include:   
  • Instant keyless roll entry (as opposed to the old slow keyless lock).

  • Larger storage capacity.
  • Rust free


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