Rollfast Mark II      
Toilet Tissue Dispenser 
 public washrooms/restrooms




Likely Sales Volume




The New Zealand population was about 3.2 million when Mark I was in production, so that meant we achieved a ‘selling ratio’ of sales to population of .75%. Vertical two and three roll dispensers were in vogue back then (in fact they were available before I launched Rollfast) and the jumbo roll was just emerging as the ‘latest thing’ in that era. 


Despite the huge advantages Rollfast Mk II has to offer, let’s be super cautious and not use .75% but set our sights on only .5% as a target to aim for and guide to future sales, and let’s spread those sales over say ten years (26,000 Mark I's were sold over only six years). 


We are assuming that the number of public toilets compared to the population is a constant, but in reality the provision of toilet facilities is almost certainly growing. 


We can use the above information to predict possible future sales. 


The “western” or “developed” countries have a combined population of around 800 million, so at .5% that means sales of 4,000,000 Rollfast over say ten years should be achievable.  Even Australasia with around 28,000,000 population will yield sales of 140,000 units (X $40 profit = a cool $5,600,000!)


On top of that, the developing nations of India and China, plus the rest of Asia, much of Africa, much of South America and even Russia can all be expected to buy some. Let’s assume they will buy a modest 1,000,000 Rollfast (but surely you agree the real figure will be much more than that). 


That is total sales of 500,000 Rollfasts per year (once the market has matured) for at least10 years, probably 20 years (= $20 million gross profit per year). 


 These can be regarded as achievable
figures even if marketing is average.
With strong marketing, these figures
could easily be surpassed.


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