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       The Real Cost
 of Running a Public Toilet


(This page is a vital must read.)


Most operators of public toilet facilities are so annoyed and frustrated, even angry, about the ongoing costs that they don't want to talk about them. They clam up and pretend there is no problem. Strange, but true.

So if you are considering this business opportunity and through due diligence wish to do your own research (which I strongly recommend you do) make sure you ask questions to not just one or two key people but many so you get the true picture. Here is a true story. 

I spoke to the management of a busy shopping centre who claimed that they had "no problem with vandalized dispensers at all". As I walked out I needed the restroom and there was a tradesman fitting a new dispenser! I mentioned I had just been told by management they had no vandal problems and he just laughed and said "Well it's no problem for me, I replace these things regularly". "So how many do you replace on the average?" "About one new dispenser per cubicle per year". See what I mean? I have met this time and again. Sometimes they say no problem, but when you look in the cubicles you see endless holes!


A Real Example 

The following are actual costs of a busy shopping centre in one of the most sort after up-market suburbs in Darwin, Australia; a city of around 120,000 people. (Note, this is NOT the slum part of the city).

The centre has 11 toilet cubicles and in the last six years 55 dispensers have been replaced because of vandalism! That is nearly one per cubicle per year. This is about right and quite normal.

If they replace with a cheap dispenser (say $30), plus a tradesman's fee to fix the new unit (say $120), that is $150 per time times 55 is $8,250 and divided by 6 years makes $1,375 per year.

The tissue cost (using jumbos, which are universal today) is $13.87 per day or $5,062 per year. So the total cost per year (vandalism and tissue cost) is $6,437.

If they had been using Rollfast, the tissue cost would drop from $5,062 to around $3,544 per year (see the "Jumbo Tissue Costs More" page on this website) and you can confidently expect and budget on no replacement costs because of vandalism.

So the total cost would drop from $6,437 per year to an estimated $3,544, a saving of $2,893.

Rollfast Mark II will retail @ $120 X 11 cubicles = $1,320 + fitting @ $120 = $1,320 so the total cost would be $2,640.

So one year of savings are greater than the cost of Rollfasts installed in all cubicles!! Plus huge savings ever after!!

How many operators of public toilet facilities could resist that offer?

Footnote: the operator of this facility is happy to talk to you direct to confirm this story. Just ask - see contact page.



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