Rollfast Mark II      
Toilet Tissue Dispenser 
 public washrooms/restrooms




     The Worlds Easiest Sale



Rollfast would have to be the easiest product ever to sell! 

Every owner or operator of a public washroom/restroom facility is just praying for something like Rollfast to appear! They are sick of vandalism, waste and unnecessary cost. They are frustrated, even angry, to the point of despair. Rollfast is their salvation!

There are literally hundreds of millions of toilet cubicles around the world out there all screaming for answers to waste, cost and vandalism; and Rollfast is that answer.

All you have to do is make Rollfast and it will sell itself. Your main problem will be keeping up with demand.

Now look at it from the distributors point of view. The rep goes into a large potential client with a 'certain' sale in the form of Rollfast. After he has nailed that sale (the easiest he ever had), he then lands the tissue supply contract he has been after for years. Do you think that distributor is pleased?

We made a 'selling' video for Mark I, aimed at the distributor as well the operators of public amenities.

We issued copies of the video to every distributor and every sales presentation would start with the words "Would you please play this video" and the rest was an instant result - most distributors said "Where do I sign?" and customers said "I'll take XXX cartons (of 6)".

In relation to toilet tissue dispensers, there are two things above all else the operator of a public toilet is interested in and they are:

1).. Controlling or reducing costs

2).. Avoiding hassles, problems, complaints & vandalism

So the selling video talked about these two things.

As an example, a new video today:

May start by showing tissue cost savings. Very few operators of public toilets could resist being shown how to save over 30% on the cost of tissue (see the previous page on this website) plus the saving of not replacing vandalized dispensers and the more efficient use of janitor time.

It could also include some of the scenes you saw in the videos on this website, which will quickly acquaint prospective clients of the unique ability of this dispenser to avoid the hassles and problems (like vandalized dispensers, blocked keyholes and user complaints) so often encountered by frustrated janitors.

That is how we sold Mark I. All sales were through distributors, and the orders just kept pouring in.


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